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In our privacy policy we explain what information Gal Interiors collects when you visit Gal Interiors services and how we may use or share that information. This policy describes our own practices only, so it does not apply to third parties that we do not own or control, including other companies you may interact with on or through Gal Interiors services.

What Type of Information We Collect? Summary: We collect information in three ways:

Information you provide

Information automatically collected

Information collected from third parties

How do we collect information?

A) Information you provide Summary: We collect information that you choose to provide or in some way give to us. You are not obligated to share information when we ask for it, but if you refuse to provide the requested information, you may not be able to access certain Gal Interiors services or fully benefit from their functionalities.

We collect the information you provide to use Gal Interiors services, such as:

Your email address, your date of birth, and other contact information;

Your username, password, and other information that helps us provide and secure your access to Gal Interiors services (e.g., our websites);

Your preferences, interests, and general demographic information (such as hobbies or other information you share, as you provide it);

Your identification information and photo (for security reasons) if you provide it.

  1. B) Information Collected Automatically

Summary: We automatically collect certain information about how you interact with Gal Interiors services, how you navigate within Gal Interiors services, and the devices and software you use.

Common examples of automatically collected information include:

How you use Gal Interiors services (e.g. clicks, scrolling, browsing times, searches, referring/exit pages, and in-service events and interactions).

Your computer or device (IP addresses, unique device IDs, processing capabilities, manufacturer and model, language and other regional settings, geographic location, screen resolution and similar settings).

Your connection to Gal Interiors services; information about the network and software you use (browser type and version, operating system name and version, internet service provider and your preference settings, if any).

How are Gal Interiors services performing and any problems you may encounter (installation errors and problems with our applications, etc.).

Sometimes we may obtain information from third parties to use in conjunction with the data we collect. For example, if you connect your Facebook account to your Gal Interiors services account, Facebook may share information with us in accordance with its privacy policy and the privacy settings you have chosen on Facebook.

  1. C) Information Collected from Third Parties

Summary: From time to time, we may collect information from third parties to supplement the information you provide and the data we collect automatically.

For example:

Enhance our Welsh Interiors to assist with our marketing activities

We collect advertising and analytical information from third parties to maintain our services and to manage our advertising campaigns more effectively (for example, to display more personalized ads and measure their effectiveness).

To learn more about these companies, you should visit their respective websites. Some of the services we frequently use include:

Google and its associated services

Yandex and related services

Facebook and related services

Twitter and related services

Platforms (portals) where you see our ads


  1. B) Automatically Collected Information (Continued)

To help us determine where you use Gal Interiors services (for instance, identifying your approximate location based on your IP address), we collect information from third parties. This enables us to personalize certain services specifically for you, such as determining the language of Gal Interiors services. It also helps us prevent fraud or abuse related to Gal Interiors services (such as identifying suspicious transactions or activities).

When you download Gal Interiors services (e.g., the Gal Interiors mobile app) to your mobile device, we also receive information from third-party platforms (such as iTunes or Google Play). This information may include technical details (such as device ID) and whether you have downloaded one of our applications.

How We Collect Information

Summary: In addition to the information you provide, we, together with our partners, automatically record information regarding how you use Gal Interiors services and navigate within them. We may combine this information with the data we obtain from you or collect about you for analytical and advertising purposes.

  1. A) Cookies and Related Technologies

Summary: We use our own servers and technologies like cookies to automatically collect and store information about how you interact with Gal Interiors services and the devices you use to interact with them.

Cookies are small pieces of data that online services place on your device for purposes such as remembering your device and authenticating your identity. “Web beacons” are transparent pixel images that allow online services to collect information about how you interact with them (such as whether you opened an email or clicked on an ad). Other common tracking technologies include tags, scripts, local shared objects (e.g., Flash cookies), local storage (e.g., HTML5), and similar tools.

Gal Interiors services use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies to automatically collect, store, and read files on your device. These tools can be delivered in the context of either first-party (i.e., Gal Interiors) or third-party (i.e., other companies). They enable Gal Interiors services to operate more efficiently and help us gather information about how you interact with us.

We also use these technologies to connect to our servers for the purpose of collecting and storing information about how you interact with Gal Interiors services and keeping records. Examples of such information include data sent to us by your device, browser, or operating system when you access Gal Interiors services (such as your device’s ID, IP addresses, and hardware or software specifications), and information about how you use your Gal Interiors services account if applicable (such as the features you use, in-service interactions, statistics, and other relevant data).

We use the information collected through technologies like cookies for various purposes, including:

Monitoring, securing, and preserving Gal Interiors services (e.g., preventing fraud).

Enhancing your browsing experience (e.g., simplifying logins to our services).

Analyzing and improving our operations (e.g., aggregating traffic and usage patterns).

Managing the display of ads (which may include providing targeted offers).

Supporting and measuring the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns (e.g., understanding whether you click on our ads or open our emails).

Customizing your visit and storing your preferences and settings (e.g., displaying content in your local language).

You can learn more about cookies and similar technologies, how to manage or disable them by visiting http://aboutcookies.org/ or checking your browser’s privacy features. Note that traditional cookie management methods may not affect the use of certain other tracking technologies, but some browsers may offer their own tools to remove HTML5.

Disabling tracking technologies may prevent you from fully enjoying all the features of Gal Interiors services and may lead to Gal Interiors services not operating as intended.

  1. B) Analytical Companies and Interest-Based Advertising

Summary: To enhance Gal Interiors services and better understand how you interact with them, as well as to support our marketing activities, we partner with third parties such as content providers, analytical companies, and advertising networks. These companies may collect automatic information from you related to your visit.

In addition to our tracking technologies, other companies may set their own cookies or similar tools when you visit Gal Interiors services. This includes vendors we use for our services (e.g., web analytics services), content-providing third parties (such as videos from YouTube), or third parties providing offers within Gal Interiors services (such as ads from advertising networks). Depending on how our partners use these tools individually or collectively, we may receive reports in this regard.

For example, we use third-party analytical providers like Google Analytics to assist in evaluating the use of Gal Interiors services and reporting on it. We also partner with advertising companies to deliver more relevant ads based on your likely interests (e.g., ads based on your browsing activities, including while using Gal Interiors services and other online services). These companies may set and read their own cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your online activities on websites and services.

Some analytical providers and advertising companies offer you choices regarding how they gather and use information directly through their websites. To learn more about Google Analytics, click here.

If you are located in the EU (where we consider EU criteria for information security and privacy), you can opt out of interest-based advertising by visiting http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/.

Please note that opting out of interest-based advertising does not mean that automatic information collection within Gal Interiors services will be entirely disabled, that you will see fewer ads, or that you will no longer see ads. It simply means that the ads you encounter will no longer be based on your interests and may be less relevant to you.

How We Process and Share Information

Summary: We process and share your information:

To provide services in accordance with the Terms of Service.

With your consent.

Pursuant to your and our legitimate interests (e.g., for security and safety purposes and to provide a regulated service as needed).

In compliance with applicable legal requirements for other legal reasons.

  1. A) Use of Information

Summary: We use the information we collect (individually and in conjunction with other information collected under this policy) to carry out our activities, provide and improve our products and services, communicate with you, and effectively advertise. How we use your information often depends on how you choose to use Gal Interiors services.

Some common examples of how we use the information include:

Answering questions, fulfilling requests, and processing transactions (e.g., helping you find how to reach our customer representatives, or assisting you in finding dealers).

Communicating with you and personalizing it (e.g., sending important notifications related to Gal Interiors services or communications about campaigns we believe may interest you).

Managing surveys, contests, sweepstakes, and similar offers (e.g., confirming your eligibility to participate or sending you a prize if you win).

Monitoring, analyzing, protecting, testing, and improving our services and operations (e.g., measuring the performance of your Gal Interiors services, tracking usage patterns, and addressing faults or errors).

Researching and better understanding Gal Interiors services and how they are used (this may include collaborating with third parties like universities).

Promoting products and services and measuring the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Personalizing your experience with Gal Interiors services by providing more relevant content and features based on your interests.

Improving Gal Interiors services and delivering updates to these services (e.g., applying patches to our applications and introducing new features).

Operating and expanding our operations.

Facilitating the use of Gal Interiors services for social sharing and integration with their functions (e.g., making it easier for you to share our content in other areas).

Additionally, we may use the information to:

Comply with applicable legal requirements or respond to legal requests (e.g., from law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or other official bodies).

Operate Gal Interiors services securely (e.g., preventing attacks on our systems).

Protect our visitors, customers, and third parties (e.g., assisting in preventing significant harm or crime).

Protect our rights, property, and operations (e.g., resorting to available legal remedies or limiting potential damage).

These are some of the ways we may use your information.

  1. B) Sharing of Information

Summary: We do not share personal information except as stated in this policy (including, but not limited to, where it is necessary for the continued operation of Gal Interiors services, to ensure the security of Gal Interiors architectural services, or to comply with legal requirements and legal requests). Identifiable information with independent third parties that can identify you (such as your email address or home address).

If one day we cease to provide Gal Interiors services (for example, if another company acquires us or partnerships are established), we may share your information with the acquirer.

For the purpose of assisting in the smooth operation, support, and improvement of Gal Interiors services (for example, to facilitate access to your account, and to provide service support in your local language if available), we share the information we collect with our controlled affiliates and subsidiaries. As a global company, this means that your information may be transferred to locations outside your country of residence. For more information about our regional dealers or regional offices responsible for providing Gal Interiors services in your region, you can contact us.

We also share information with service providers that operate on our behalf for the purposes described in this policy. For example, we may cite partners who help us store data, send marketing-related email messages, or provide services related to our products.

In the event of an organizational change, company merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer transactions, or any other transaction involving the disposal of a significant part of our assets (including insolvency or similar proceedings), we may disclose the information contained in our services. Your information may be included among the assets transferred to the acquiring party in such a situation.

We may also use, disclose, or store information for the following purposes:

Comply with applicable legal requirements or respond to legal requests (e.g., from law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or other official bodies).

Operate Gal Interiors services securely (e.g., preventing attacks on our systems).

Protect our visitors, customers, and third parties (e.g., assisting in preventing significant harm or crime).

Protect our rights, property, and operations (e.g., resorting to available legal remedies or limiting potential damage).

These are some of the scenarios in which information may be used, disclosed, or stored.

  1. C) Legal Basis

Summary: We use and share your information based on several legal bases, including your consent, our legitimate interests (e.g., for security and safety or providing a regulated service when necessary), and compliance with other legal obligations.

We have various legal bases for collecting, using, securely sharing, and otherwise processing information about you for the purposes described in this Policy. These legal bases include:

When necessary to enforce the Terms of Use and provide Gal Interiors services.

When you give your consent for the processing of your information (you can withdraw your consent at any time).

To ensure Gal Interiors complies with a legal obligation, court order, or to assert or defend against legal claims.

To protect vital interests, either yours or others’.

When it is necessary for the public interest.

For the legitimate interests of Gal Interiors or a third party, such as the safety and security of Gal Interiors, its users, or partners.

Third-Party Websites and Services

Summary: We work with third parties to enhance your experience, but this policy does not apply to organizations that are not owned by us, not under our control, or that we cannot affiliate with. We cannot guarantee that independent third parties will adhere to the same practices, so please review their policies and terms before sharing information with them.

You may share information in various ways with third-party websites or services related to your visit:

External Links: When you click on links to external websites or services operated by third parties, they may collect, use, and share your information according to their policies, not ours. Providing a link to third-party services or coming from third-party services does not imply our endorsement of their practices.

Account Integrations

Gal Interiors services utilize interfaces that allow interactions with third-party websites, applications, or similar third-party services during your visit. If you have a Gal Interiors account or interact with it through an account created with such third parties, this is also included.

For instance, we collaborate with social media companies (such as Facebook) to provide features that facilitate social sharing and connections (like the “like” button and other widget tools). These features can collect information about your interactions with third parties and Gal Interiors services, and may use tracking technologies such as cookies to function properly.

The manner in which third-party companies, such as Facebook, process your information is subject to their own privacy policies. Cookies and Related Technologies

In Gal Interiors services, there are cookies, web beacons, and other common technologies that help us collect and analyze information related to your visit. Third parties (such as analytics companies or advertising networks) may set up and read their tracking technologies on Gal Interiors services. If they do so, the responsibility for using these tools will be according to each one’s privacy policies, as outlined in their respective policies.

If you have questions or complaints regarding third-party applications, please remember to contact third parties directly, rather than Gal Interiors.


Summary: We are committed to keeping the information of our visitors and customers secure, but we cannot guarantee the complete security of the information we collect from you. By agreeing to share your information with us (or with anyone online these days), you also accept this risk.

We apply appropriate physical, technical, and organizational security measures to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized use, and disclosure of your information during transmission and storage. For example, we store information on servers with controlled access and use encryption and hashing technologies to protect some of the collected information. If you have created an account for Gal Interiors services, we perform rigorous background checks to prevent unauthorized entries into your account and obtain support from IT experts for this purpose.

Nevertheless, we want to draw your attention to the fact that no server, communication network, or data transfer over the Internet is 100% secure. Gal Interiors services are not an exception in this regard. While we do our best to comply with the laws and regulations, we cannot guarantee the complete security of the information transferred through Gal Interiors services or assure that the information will not be lost or misused.

The decision to share information with us is entirely up to you. If you choose to share, you accept this risk.


Personal data can be safeguarded through destruction, deletion, or anonymization. The purpose of the destruction process is to ensure that the remaining data cannot be used to identify an individual. Gal Interiors takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to lawfully destroy, delete, and anonymize personal data.

Deletion of Personal Data

Deletion of personal data is the process of making completely or partially processed personal data inaccessible and unusable by any means. When Gal Interiors processes personal data entirely or automatically, data will be deleted, and Gal Interiors must ensure that the data becomes entirely inaccessible or unusable. This guarantee is the responsibility of the data controller.

If, during the deletion process, personal data that should not be deleted is affected and becomes inaccessible and/or unusable, Gal Interiors may consider the following methods together as part of the deletion process: a) Archiving personal data so that it cannot be associated with the data subject. b) Ensuring that personal data is entirely inaccessible. c) Implementing any necessary technical and administrative measures to allow access to personal data only in necessary situations and by authorized personnel.

The mentioned deletion counting methods are subject to the Regulation and are the responsibility of the data controller for updates when necessary.

Destruction of Personal Data

The destruction process occurs when Gal Interiors processes data on the physical recording medium and Gal Interiors is responsible for making this data irretrievable. During these processes, Gal Interiors employees and relevant departments are responsible for reporting the relevant data to be destroyed to the relevant Gal Interiors unit, after which Gal Interiors will take all necessary technical and administrative measures.Anonymization of Personal Data

Anonymization is the process of making personal data processed entirely or automatically by Gal Interiors in such a way that the data can no longer be associated with a specific or identifiable natural person, even if it is matched with other data.

The data controller department is responsible for anonymizing personal data at Gal Interiors. The data controller department may seek support from various departments within Gal Interiors, as long as it retains control of the process. During the anonymization of data, Gal Interiors may use methods such as one-way functions and encryption. If there is uncertainty about the appropriateness of the method to be applied, the relevant departments within Gal Interiors should be consulted.


To manage the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy, Gal Interiors has established the following structure:

Preparing, monitoring, and amending the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policies as needed.

Ensuring the strong and coordinated implementation of the Personal Data Protection and Processing Policies and ensuring that the relevant departments and individuals fulfill their responsibilities.

Making decisions about what needs to be done by following the processes and procedures in compliance with the relevant legislation and informing the management of Gal Interiors about these requirements.

Increasing awareness about Personal Data Protection and Processing policies within Gal Interiors and among third parties.

Identifying the risks related to the policies and procedures of Personal Data Protection and Processing and establishing the necessary protective measures.

Designing and implementing training on Personal Data Protection and Processing.

Directing all information requests from data subjects to the highest level possible.

Ensuring that data subjects are informed about their rights.

Monitoring developments related to Data Protection legislation and preparing the necessary measures for management.

Coordinating relations with the Personal Data Protection Board.

Fulfilling other relevant tasks requested by management.


For any questions or concerns related to Gal Interiors or its services, such as issues with accessing your account, issues with appearance or content availability, reporting problems, technical issues, deleting an account, etc., please click here to contact our support team.

You can direct your questions about this policy, our privacy practices, and your application rights under the Law and relevant legislation to [email protected] The company responsible for the Turkey region and the information provided below is Gal Interiors LLC.